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For years our loyal festival followers have asked how they can view our phenomenal short films beyond the festival.

BHERC is proud to announce our new streaming pilot so that you can do just that! Enjoy the same quality and variety of film shorts that you have come to love through the Internet when and where you want!

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BHERC TV streaming service includes films

A Gift for My Sister

A chance encounter in a hospital emergency room between two single mothers, from two very different walks of life, changes the course of each of their lives forever.

Angela M. Gordon: Director/Writer/Producer
Lynne Conner: Producer

18:23 Min.

A Kiss at Midnight

A woman seeking her first ever kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve goes to a party intent on approaching her secret crush, but finds herself surprised whom she ends up sharing her special moment with when the clock strikes 12.

Adetokumboh MCormack: Director/Producer
Matt Feit: Writer

6:19 Min.

Are We Good Parents?

When Lauren and Bills 14-year-old daughter says she’s going to her first dance with her classmate Ryan, they question their preconceived notions of her sexuality and their openness as parents.

Bola Ogun: Director
Hailey Chavez: Writer
Tatiana Olsak & Bola Ogun: Producers

9:00 Min.


Inspired by a true story. A recent spinal cord injury patient struggles to reconcile his sense of self-worth with his new reality as a paraplegic.

Andrew Reid: Director
Roberto Saieh & Andrew Reid: Writers
Jake Katofsky & Eric Baird: Producers

20:15 Min.

Avenging Angels

16 year old Keith and Taylor meet at Soul Healers, a support group for sex abuse victims. Shaken by a shared traumatic experience, Keith and Taylor decide to create a hot line to provide support and counseling for young sex abuse victims.

Ilunga Adell: Director/Writer
Jimmy Tripp & Sandra Evers-Manly: Producers
John M. Forbes & Marche Meeks: Producers

29:04 Min.

Baby Steps

Every year on the anniversary of his father’s suicide, Kenny’s battle with depression pushes him in the same direction.

Eric Dyson: Director/Writer/Producer

22:00 Min.


Domestic violence and the me-too movement has opened discussion that was once taboo. When the roles are reversed, how can one publicly report violence without the fear of being shamed or demasculinized. The question remains, how can one survive an abusive relationship?

6:25 Min.

Bih Who!

An excited bachelor prepares for his sexy date only to discover that his date was not who he expected her to be.

Ashley Kemp: Director/Writer/Producer
Jeanetta Brantley: Producer

15:56 Min.


Sherri Jones is a black woman who cleans planes for a living. On her 25th birthday, she is presented with an opportunity to attend aviation school to become a pilot. Throughout her journey, she faces self-doubt, learns to chase her dreams, and defies the odds.

Nicole Thompson: Director/Writer/Producer
Nick Brooks & Jamie Walker: Producers

18:31 Min.

Black Doll

A little black girl plays with her white dolls until her grandmother reminds her what it means to be a woman.

Akley Olton: Director/Writer
Akley Olton & Laura Sanz: Producers

4:10 Min.

Blank Lives Matter

An army veteran seeks revenge after his son is murdered by an off-duty police officer.

Latin Berry Jr.: Director/Writer/Producer
Michelle Infante: Producer

8:31 Min.


Comedian Dino Vigo is faced with several vicissitudes as he tries to follow his dreams and navigate the NYC comedy circuit.

Rodney Lee: Director/Writer/Producer
Dino Vigo: Writer/Producer
Attika Torrence & Ramulas Burgess: Producers

20:00 Min.


Lyric Hayes is an Afrocentric podcast host in search of his greatest idol and best-selling author, Harambe Cornell. His search leads him to a surprising realization.

Martina Lee: Director/Writer/Producer
Robbin Rae: Producer

16:19 Min.

Bougie Ass Brandon

Brandon seems to have everything in life at first glance. Unfortunately, he gets in his own way when it comes to family, friends and relationships. Can Brandon change his ways once he finds out shocking news that will change his life as he knows it?

Valerie Alleyne Udeozor: Director/Writer
Jermain Hollman: Executive Producer

18:10 Min.

Boys Night Out

Carver Adams, comes to San Francisco for a job interview and is coerced by an old friend into running a charity race. What follows is a poignant, and often hilarious, tale of acceptance between two African-American men.

Yule Caise: Director/Writer/Producer

31:00 Min.

C'est Parfait

On the day an African family from Zaire is reunited in America, their world is torn apart when a family member is kidnapped and war from Rwanda, one of their neighboring countries, crossed over into their country.

Muhasani Kasomo: Director/Writer
Raeshib Aggerwhil: Producer

17:42 Min.

Cherry Hook

In the aftermath of a school shooting, a high school principal comes to grips with her fate as she confronts the perpetrator. Resigned to her outcome, she makes peace and comes to grips with whatever is bound to happen.

Derrick Alan Cameron: Director/Writer/Producer
Jason Pollard: Producer

13:00 Min.


After Brooke has unprotected sex with Kevin, an Internet hook up, a visit to her doctor reveals she is pregnant. She refuses to keep it… what choice will she make?

B. Danielle Watkins: Director/Writer/Producer

22:56 Min.


A young dancer struggles with her bi-cultural identity when she meets a confident young deaf drummer who stirs up old conflicted feelings about growing up in a deaf family.

Erika Davis-Marsh: Director/Writer
Casandra Jones & Laurie J. Gardiner: Producers

22:16 Min.

Concerned Child

As a father, I have to prepare my son for the cruelty of this world and how to survive as a young black male. We came up with this concept together.

Drew Tank Garrett: Director\Writer\Producer
Andrew DeVaughn Garrett: Writer

2:00 Min.

Curiosities of The Quiet Boy

A partially deaf 12-year-old undergoes a series of supernatural phenomena in the midst of mourning his mother.

Quran Squire: Director/Writer/Producer
David Fortune & Francine Crawford: Producers

11:00 Min.

DAD Speak

DAD Speak features LaRita Shelby telling her story of growing up without a father, and not knowing why. The film also features compelling confessions, raw details, and candid insights from Dads about how they felt, how they coped and the hidden pain they faced.

LaRita Shelby: Director/Writer/Producer
Sandra Evers-Manly: Executive Producer

44:00 Min.

Dallas Invisible

Homelessness is a pandemic in America from its heartland to its major cities. Dallas Invisible shines a light on this issue while introducing us to people who are often faceless and nameless and have spiraled into homelessness due to systemic poverty, drug use and mental illness.

Paulara Hawkins: Director
Sandra Evers-Manly: Producer
Sandra Evers-Manly: Executive Producer

15:14 Min.


8 urban teens get caught up in a bullying fiasco that becomes life threatening.

Valerie Udeozor: Director/Writer/Producer

20:48 Min.

Devil In Plain Sight

When three people come together on a fateful night, a devastating secret will forever affect all of them and have lasting consequences

Matt Reaves: Director/Writer/Producer

17:34 Min.


A drama about a young black youth who goes looking for a young Hispanic gang member who accidentally killed his sister. Under the circumstances which he meets his sister’s killer, does he choose revenge.

Alex Munoz: Writer/Director

35:00 Min.


A suspenseful drama guaranteed to catch your attention. The lies are distant but the truth is closer than it seems.

Roosevelt Merisier: Director/Writer/Producer
David Torres: Writer
Damien Delgado & Andrew Sierra: Producers

10:01 Min.

Don't Tell Nobody

13-year old Ariel Davis has been being molested by her mother’s husband for the past six months. On the eve of her 14th birthday Ariel is at a crossroads; continue to live in pain or let it all go forever.

B. Danielle Watkins: Director/Writer/Producer
Tiffany “Taye” Snow: Producer

20:00 Min.


Within the beauty of Los Angeles lies an ugly truth of a large community suffering and coping with the effects of PTSD and Bi-polar Disorder.

Andrew Preston: Director/Writer/Producer
Ella Jae Stewart: Writer/Produce/Executive Producer
Christina Karis: Writer
Thomas Stewart: Producer

10:00 Min.

Edge of Harmony

Harmony is a struggling black female jazz singer who is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity that could change her career, let alone her life. However, the opportunity comes at a price.

Shashone Lambert: Director
Chantal Maurice: Writer/Producer
Brady Albright & Sean Hawkinson: Producers

5:15 Min.

Emma Rae

Emma Rae is a teen in foster care that is being physically, emotionally and sexually abused. She is pushed and pushed, until one day, Emma Rae pushes back and she does what she must to survive.

Chris Y Beal: Director/Producer
Allen Sowelle: Writer
Stacy Steele-Jolly & Monique Carmona: Producers
Herry Hairston, Frances and Glen Hinds, Stacy Jolly, Carey Gorgolinski, & David Gorgolinski: Executive Producers

11:13 Min.

Farming A Legacy

Farming A Legacy documents the black farmers’ way of life in Calvert County, Maryland. A life that is rapidly disappearing from the American landscape, despite the families’ determination to pass along their farming heritage to another generation.

Rodney Sutton: Director/Writer/Producer

25:00 Min.

Fifty & Over Club

In 1970, Tony and Lawson started a cool club with the kids in the neighborhood, were boys could be boys. Now late into their 50s, the guys still have the club and get together regularly at the local watering hole, Benny’s Bar

Donre Walker & C. G. Ryche: Directors
Patricia Forte` & Don`re Walker: Writers
Henrietta Hartshorn, Thomas Santiago, Karen Harris, Derek Thompson, Tripp Law, and C. G. Ryche: Producers
Patricia McNeal & Tripp Law: Executive Producers

23:39 Min.

For Evan's Sake ep 2

Evan, an underachieving overworked Production Assistant has a blow up on set after a series of microaggressions sends him off the deep end. Assigned to therapy, Evan now tries to maintain his sanity.

Kirstin Lorin: Director/Writer
Kiana Garner, Ryan James Hull, & E.V. Washington: Writers
Ryan James Hull, Gerald “Slink” Johnson, Oduduwa Olatunji & Evan Washington: Producers
Ryan James Hull, Paul Stewart & E.V. Washington: Executive Producers

31:01 Min.


While learning about slavery in his class, Oliver Burroughs declares that the President needs to make a national apology for Americas involvement in slavery.

Satie Gossett : Director/Writer
Sandra Evers Manly: Executive Producer


French Fries

French Fries explores a young, hip African-American foodie couples fight to resolve communication problems in a modern marriage of six years, four months and three and a half days.

Janine Sherman Barrois: Director/Writer
Khaliah Neal: Producer
Amy Emmerich, Shannon & Stone Roberts: Executive Producers

15:00 Min.

Game of Chance

When a mother learns that her 14-year-old son has been mistakenly taken hostage by the local drug lord for a crime he didn’t commit, she takes a weapon she swore she would never pick up again and goes to get her son. What she doesn’t know is that thirty federal agents sit across the street waiting for the culmination of a seven-year sting.

Deborah M. Pratt: Director/Writer/Producer
Victoria Fredrick: Producer

12:00 Min.

Gay Baby

Deonte is unapologetically gay, worried about his mortality and approaching the age Jesus died. Wanting to leave a legacy beyond material belongings; his desire for biological fatherhood has sparked a radical idea, or is it?

Kareem Ferguson: Director/Writer/Producer
Dennis Bailey & David Valencia: Producers

8:47 Min.

God Told Me

Although deeply drawn to each other, after a nice night out one evening in the parking lot Reggie and Felicia grapple with the toxic nature of their relationship.

Letia Solomon: Director/Writer
Mishal Mahmud: Producer

6:00 Min.


GYRL is a portrait of a pre-teen African American girl struggling with an abusive father.

Anaiis Cisco: Director/Writer/Producer

6:40 Min.


This story follows the story of Woodrow “Wood” Sanders, a former Hollywood star, who is struggling to work his way back into the spotlight. As he sees that things are not the same as they used to be, he must come to the understanding that everyone’s path in life is different.

Karlton T. Clay: Director/Writer/Producer

14:00 Min.

Home Sweet Home

When two Thugs try to rob a homeless woman, they get the surprise of their lives.

Romell Foster-Owens: Director
Koji Steven Sakai: Writer
Romell Foster-Owens, Toy Lei & Sandra Evers-Manly: Producers
Sandra Evers-Manly, Suzanne Lozette & Andrei Zinca: Executive Producers

9:00 Min.

I Can Fix Him

Cassandra Black: Director/Writer/Producer

23:52 Min.

“Imani” The Super Little Engineer

“Imani” The Super Little Engineer is a Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) film that takes audiences on the journey through the eyes of a young girl who envisions she is an Engineer. The goal of the film is to inspire young people, especially girls and students of color about the exciting world of engineering. The film is funded by Films With A Purpose.

Jesse Ford: Director
Sandra Evers-Manly: Creator

1:45 Min.

Keeping David

A man comes home and finds a child outside his front door and the child reminds the man of a life he wants to leave behind.

Rodney Mark Johnson: Director/Writer/Producer

15:33 Min.

Knock Knock

Sinia does the best she can to help the kids next door, however when they are in danger, she does nothing. Stricken by guilt, she checks on the kids, and discovers a chilling reality that pushes her over the edge.

Kennikki Jones: Director/Writer
Yingli Cheng: producer


Lalo's House

After being taken from their home in Jacmel, Haiti, two young sisters must escape a child sex trafficking ring, disguised as a Catholic orphanage. Inspired by true events.

Kelley Kali: Director
Victor Pourcel, Kelley Kali: Producer


Last Breeze of Summer

In 1957, an African-American family has to decide whether or not to let their high school daughter integrate a predominately white high school in Texas.

David Massey: Director
Sandra Evers-Manly: Executive Producer

30:00 Min.


A grandmother’s search for understanding from the imprisoned killer of her grandson Jamison. Bertha suffers from an inner conflict between revenge and her religious beliefs of forgiveness.

Mark Vinzant: Director/Writer/Producer
Katie Van Etten & Charlotte Guerry: Producers



Ryan Coogler: Director/Writer/Prodducer
Francisco Kosterlitz, Christopher Morocco, Clifton Harrison, Joselyn Coogler, Charlene Thomas: Producer

6:33 Min.

Maimuna (The Day The Sun Fell From The Sky)

A tale of the power of ignorance and how it can shape our lives as seen through the eyes of a little girl.

Farouk Sadiq: Director/Writer
Farouk Sadiq (Rukq Man): Producer

4:37 Min.

Man Made

After setting a tasty trap for her unfaithful boyfriend, a young woman takes a very enterprising approach to finding a new man. The term love for sale rings truer than ever in this futuristic comedy short. Do you have the power to turn him on?

Elzy: Director
Deborah E. Ward: Writer/Producer

15:00 Min.

Men Or Mice

A quiet evening at home turns into a night of terror for Jade. When she reaches out to the men in her life for help, she discovers an unconventional hero…she hopes.

Kiara C. Jones: Director/Writer/Producer
Shyra Smart & Peter Marquez: Producers

16:00 Min.


A young woman obsessed with old routine and an unwillingness to try new things unexpectedly finds an appreciation for a modern hair dryer, and is forced to completely rethink – and overthink – her life.

Mark Maina: Director/Writer/Producer
Marc Rigaudis: Produccer

17:00 Min.

Night Diner

An African American foodie uses a Yelp-like app to locate a 5-star local diner. Arriving close to closing time, Devin finds himself the lone customer to a too-eager-to-please Caucasian staff and his dining experience soon goes from awkward to bizarre to downright scary.

K. Ridgeway: Director/Writer
Lareina J. Wong & K. Ridgeway: Producers
Datari Turner: Executive Producer

9:00 Min.

Night Skies

The mayor of bankrupt Detroit is pleased with the safe city she has provided for the residents due in part to a pact with the Vampire Lord, Dimitri. Mayor Blue and Dimitri come to understand that to save the city, they must first save themselves from each other.

Brian Green: Director
Derek Grasty: Writer
Aldo Billingslea: Producer

11:00 Min.

No Me Olvidaré De Ti

Still struggling with loss, a caring father and his daughter are moved by the Christmas spirit to connect with their Puerto Rican roots by reaching out to victims of the hurricane.

Laila Petrone Peynado: Director/Writer
Nina Spensley & MJ Cavallero: Producers

11:24 Min.

One Chance

One Chance showcases the talent of five young teenage singers from around the country. The young girls share the stories that drive their musical ambition and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make this one chance a meaningful opportunity. 5 girls. 5 stories. One chance to share it with the world.

Alcee Walker: Director

105 Min.

Oscar Micheaux

Set in Los Angeles during Reconstruction, a producer of silent films, starring African Americans in leading roles, decides to take matters into his own hands when he is denied a distribution deal from Lincoln Motion Picture Company.

Jamie Walker: Director/Writer/Producer
Valentino Misino: Producer

5:40 Min.

Out of Bounds, The Thorns, Family Is?

Out of Bounds, The Thorns, Family Is? examines the impact of two years of tumultuous protest on Professor Thorn, her son DJ, an NCAA star, and her family.

Meme Kelly: Director/Writer
Austin Kelly, Corey Kelly, Meme Kelly: Executive Producer

11:40 Min.

Party of Two

Maxine is a postgraduate dealing with anxiety and depression from a broken relationship with her mother. On the darkest night of her life, she plans to commit suicide. When Maxine makes an unexpected new friend, she discovers a reason to live.

Maria Alvarez: Director
Zoe Cheng: Writer
Liam Campbell & Fiona Kida: Producers

14:05 Min.


Prizefighter tells the story of legendary heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, the first African American heavyweight boxer to win the title and hold the crown, from 1908-1915 including the infamous ‘fight of the century’ with Jim Jefferies, the great white hope.

Lyndon J. Barrois: Director/Writer/Producer
Lyndon J. Barrois/Jeremy Stewart: Animation

6:00 Min.

Pull Up Your Pants

Pull Up Your Pants tells the comedic story of a mother and her son who don’t see eye to eye on the street popular fashion trend of “pant sagging”. An assortment of unique streeters, a wise therapist, and international comedian “TRIXX” tag along highlighting the pros, cons, and myths of the fashionable fad.

Adrian Wallace: Director/Writer
Brandon Singh: Producer

8:00 Min.

Raising Kings

After being released from prison, Mark King learns his father has been hospitalized, and his estranged son is a police officer with 2 sons. Can he mend his past so he can heal his future.

Lynne Conner: Director/Executive Producer
Francisco Cali: Writer/Producer
Angela Gordon, Tuesday Conner, Tony Rumford & Iann Foxx: Producers

17:26 Min.

Reality Park

Miles lets his brother in law know that his white privilege will not be given to his bi-racial son.

Mark Henry: Director
Billi Sarafina: Writer/Producer

4:58 Min.


A young emerging African American rodeo rider living in a small town in Oklahoma, must choose between his personal life or chasing after his dream of becoming a full-time rider.

Dagmawi Abebe: Director/Writer
Patrick Henry Phelan: Writer
Mehmet Gungoren & Yves Benche: Producers
Andrew Burill, Charles Hancock, Yunus Emre Demiral, Suzanne Maxine Wrench, Joe Hill & James Gunn: Executive Producers

19:48 Min.

Redemption Injustice

A single father whose upbringing was far from perfect is determined to change his life around and raise his son differently. Unfortunately, after being mistaken for a thief, his life is cut short and his son is left fatherless.

Rian Castille: Director/Producer/Writer

Rian Castille was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Her passion for screenwriting started at a very young age. She has a bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University in Television and Film. Rian currently attends Pepperdine University where she is receiving an MFA in Screenwriting for Television and Film.

6:25 Min


With increasing violence in his neighborhood, a young man fights for his community regardless of the consequences.

Dusan Brown: Director/Writer
Joyce Kelly-Brown & Tracy Brown: Producers

10:09 Min.

Road to Zion

A Jamaican immigrant finds his life in LA shaken by forces outside his control as he struggles to understand how far he is willing to go to protect his family.

Andrew Reid: Director/Writer
Jeremy Palmer: Writer
Kathleen Gardner & Courtney Grace: Producers

15:30 Min.

Romance is Dead

Finding it hard to cope with the loss of his fiancé, Donovan turns to his best friend, Adam, to implement a crazy plan to get him back

Todd Jackson: Director/Writer
Alexis Best: Producer
Iris Pulsingay: Producer

12:59 Min.


After laying their mother to rest, two sisters are forced to move from Ohio to Brooklyn, New York to live with their older sister who’s a beauty and lifestyle journalist. Their worlds are turned upside down as three different personalities try to co-exist in a one-bedroom apartment.

Detric Hicks: Director/Writer/Producer

25:06 Min.


In a restaurant located in the downtown streets of the Big Apple, Megan starts her day by clearing the tables and washing the dishes. She has many failed attempts at making soup until her boss Agu tries her soup and loves it.

Franklin Okike & Aya Kashima: Directors/Writers

6:09 Min.

Squirrel Man

A squirrel bite leads an elderly jazz musician to believe he is a superhero. These powers inspire him to fight crime in his neighborhood, which unexpectedly leads to the mending of his broken relationship with his son. This film speaks to the often unspoken fact that every man wants to be a hero to someone.

Jeffery Lynn Shepherd: Director/Writer/Producer
J. J. Goldberger: Producer
Stephen Kamifuji & Sonji Shepherd: Producers

Jeffrey Lynn Shepherd graduated from Central State University in Dayton, Ohio with a B.A. in Communications Radio/T.V. Jeffrey has directed short films and digital online content under his Labor Of Love Production company. Currently, he serves as a Post Producer with 20th Century Fox Television. His proudest production remains his three children, Jeffrey Jr., Kendall and Tyler.

20:00 Min.


Cheryl has realized the American Girl “Shop until you drop” fantasy and has done just that. Now this ambitious real estate agent is desperate to sell a house in order to stay afloat. Little do those around her know, her ship has already sunk and she is secretly living in the house that she has been assigned to sell.

Boris Schaarschmidt: Director
Angela Perkins: Writer
Phyllis Toben Bancroft: Producer

15:00 Min.

Stanford & Son

An eccentric senior citizen wants to be a rapper but is met with opposition from his aristocratic son.

Moe Irvin: Director/Writer/Executive Producer
Roy Vongtama, Charlotte Marie & James Whitmore, Jr.: Executive Producers

25:00 Min.

Statistically Speaking

Finding a husband has been tough for Mavis, statistics are not on her side. While braving one outrageous date after another, Mavis, with the help of the HEFFERS (a womens’ support group) comes into her own in this zany story about love, friendship and growing up.

Nandi Bowe: Director/Writer/Producer

25:00 Min.


When a young man no longer feels safe in his own home, he goes on a journey to buy a gun with hopes of protecting him and his family.

Nicole Thompson: Director/Writer/Producer

7:40 Min.


What do you do when your most dreaded nightmare becomes a reality? A young lady is at the tipping point. Hope seems lost; and the future bleak. This film is a story of Hope, Redemption and Triumph over all odds

Daniel Izu. Eze: Director/Writer/Produce

14:52 Min.

Thanks for Washing

A quirky love story about a woman who is a germaphobe. Can she find love in an office full of filthy people? Can she even survive the Christmas party when its a potluck?

Camille Brown: Director/Writer/Producer
Tara Mamner & Nicolas Emilliani: Producers

14:00 Min.


In the near future, a devoted sister is given a chance at saving her brother’s life when she discovers the first ever auction of a human heart.

Alia Tompkins: Director
Angela Menarin: Writer
Maria Luisa Ballon & Alex Grossman: Producers

13:36 Min.

The Bare Knuckle Gentlemen

In 1810, in a private cellar in London, one of the most auspicious fights in boxing took place; Tom Molineaux, a freed slave from America and Tom Cribb, the reigning Champion of England. Whoever won this fight would be the indisputable Champion of the World.

Nishad Chaughule: Director
Rebecca Usoro: Writer
Jake Katofsky: Producer

19:11 Min.

The Counter: 1960

While waiting for his friends to arrive and discuss the string of police killings of unarmed black youth, Joseph slips, and in a miraculous occurrence of time travel, he finds himself and his friends back in 1960 where they are seated at a ‘whites only’ lunch counter. The past is about to inform the present.

Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd: Director/Writer
Ashley Jackson: Writer/Producer
Kimberly Ogletree: Producer
Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd: Executive Producer

18:00 Min.

The Hip Hop Kid

A young, hungry, rambunctious, Hip-Hop hopeful seeking the tutelage of Hip-Hop great Kango finds far more than he bargained for when he meets Sunny, an attractive, edgy, female skateboarder who tears down the house at the movies end.

Ron Duncan: Director/Writer/Producer
Walker Entertainer Academy: Producer

26:00 Min.

The Life of Dancer

Set in 1940s old Hollywood, during the height of US racial tensions, Dr. Prince C. Spencer was the last surviving original member of the famous tap dancing group, The Four Step Brothers, the First Black Dancers to receive a Star🌟 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Stephanie Mack: Director/Writer/Producer
Deborah N. Powell & Lummie L. Long: Executive Producers

25:00 Min.

The Lift

This is the story of a young man stuck on the road in the late 1920s desperate to get home to Chicago, the woman who comes along and takes him, their ensuing journey, and the shocking revelation of his true identity.

Lyndon J. Barrois: Director/Writer/Producer
Romell Foster-Owens: Producer
Janine Sherman Barrois: Executive Produce

15:00 Min.

The Lockdown Club

A gripping tale of six high school students and their teacher stuck inside a classroom while their school is on a lockdown due to an active shooter. As gunshots ring out, the students embrace each other. Will they make it out alive?

Valerie Alleyne Udeozor: Director/Writer
Valerie Alleyne Udeozor, Rebecca Alleyne & Delores Alleyne: Executive Producers

27:00 Min.

The Peck Situation

This lyrical tale told without dialogue explores the life of a married couple in a funk, most evident in the passionless PECK exchanged every morning. Searching for answers, the wife takes an excursion to Venice beach where the real demons holding her marriage hostage are exposed.

Carmen Elly Wilkerson: Director/Writer/Producer
Sandra Evers-Manly: Executive Producer
Maahra Hill, Payton Skelton & Diane Musselman: Producers

15:00 Min.

The Reckoning

In order to save his own life, a gangbanger being held hostage must appeal to the empathy of his kidnapper.

Christopher Malcolm Reese: Director/Writer
Shalonda Shaw Reese: Producer

13:54 Min.

There Comes a Time

Donnie cares too much about what the streets think of him and it is interrupting his world in the worst way. Like most he learns there comes a time when you just have to do what you are supposed to do.

Andrea Clinton: Director/Writer/Producer
Eddie-Yasin Swanson: Producer

15:00 Min.

Throw the Dog a Bone

A brilliant girl from a disadvantaged background has a chance to live her dream of attending a very prestigious university; however, she soon learns the price of acceptance among the elite. She must decide whether or not to compromise her core values in order to become who she thinks she wants to be.

William Bright: Director/Producer
Jocelyn Stewart: Writer

22:55 Min.

Tuesday Morning Ride

34:00 Min.


After being the lone survivor in a spacecraft crash, Captain Robert Uriel Sacher visits his psychologist to tell them that he is struggling with these new “images” he has been seeing.

Stan Campbell: Director/Writer
Nikki Munoz: Producer

7:00 Min.


A once successful Teenage writer, struggles with his present Dilemma, must he embrace the dark to shine again? ….. Wasted.

Daniel Izu. Eze: Director/Writer/Producer

5:00 Min.

With & Without You

With & Without You” is a short film that takes an intimate peek at the life of a couple as they attempt to piece together their broken relationship.

Twilla Amin Taniy: Director/Writer
Dion Lack: Producer

14:46 Min.

Young & Naive

While contemplating why all her beautiful and successful friends are single, Robin uncovers one of the biggest secrets in the world…Child Sexual Abuse. The eloquent words of Robin’s journey to face her past begin a tidal wave of healing hearts at Poet’s Jazz House….just somewhere to go in the midst of searching your soul.

Tuesday Conner: Director/Writer
Tuesday Conner, Phil Tyler, Lynne Conner & Rodney Conner: Executive Producers
Sam Morris, Eliza Roberts, Malcolm Synigal, Sr. & Nina Womack: Producers

5:00 min.

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