ReleaseApril 1, 2020

The Black Hollywood Education Resource Center is proud to present BHERC TV, the new short film streaming service!

BHERC TV is a leading world-wide provider of narrative and documentary short and feature films about the African American experience, as well as content from across the diaspora and diverse populations. Offering an affordable streaming entertainment service with paid memberships in over seven countries, BHERC TV members enjoy a wide variety of genres and languages and may watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Film lovers can play, pause and resume watching without commercials.

As we travel around the world the one question that we continuously hear; is when we will make the films shown at the festivals, available for viewing outside of the festival venue. The answer? BHERC TV !

The goal of BHERC TV is to provide experiences for Film lovers that will have a long-lasting impact with screenings from our roster of films, as well as accompanying panel discussions, resources and tools. Our filmmakers capture the images and voices of contemporary life in the African American Community. The starting catalogue of films expressing themselves through Animation, Docudrama, and scripted narratives will launch with over 100 short and feature films produced by directors from seven countries from across the globe. BHERC – TV will add a minimum of 10 new films monthly. These films bring to fruition our mission of Entertaining, Empowering and Inspiring our community… BHERC – TV will also showcase films written and directed by middle and high school students from across the country portraying their life experiences.

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Box Office Grosses
Week Ending March 6, 2020
Film Weekend Box Office Theater Count Total Gross
Bad Boys for Life $3,022,087 2,159 $202,000,190
The Photograph $343,005 382 $20,357,055
Just Mercy $94,061 211 $35,915,353
Premature $543 10 $22,648
Zombi Child $437 3 $25,454

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