Today and Everyday- To All Of The Fathers


Father’s is your day, you deserve every moment. To be a father is not easy, you must protect, provide and be ever present. You can be overlooked, over shadowed and overworked; but on this day you come first. Your love and efforts have provided stability to your households, made us all feel safe, and have guided your family through the good and bad. There’s nothing more dangerous than being a Black man in America. So, to all of the Black fathers of the world, we love you. We stand by you, and just as you have kept our families safe, we will do our part to protect you from the many injustices you face everyday; all while being a father. Your presence breathes life into your children. Your arms bring warmth and security. Your knowledge gives wisdom and fortitude. Your strength lifts us all, your households stand on your shoulders. There is so much responsibility you carry through fatherhood, and much of it can be taken for granted. It is your footsteps that are being followed and it is your shadow where your family finds comfort from the heat of the world. And for the load that you carry to be a father, these words of thanks aren’t nearly enough. The world would rather point out men neglecting fatherhood than the ones embracing it. And everywhere you go, you will be greeted with surprise and shock at the sight of your fatherhood. But your role is powerful, and nothing can take the place of a father’s role in his household. That makes this so long overdue.

Father’s, Grandpa’s, brother’s, uncles, friends, mentors and more, we love you! And thank you for being our father’s!

Sandra Evers-Manly

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