A Special Message From the BHERC

Dear BHERC Family and Friends:


“Our lives are to be judged for how far we were willing to go for each other.

– Sandra Evers-Manly


During this unprecedented time in our lives, a worldwide health pandemic COVID-19, is re-defining the very way we live our lives daily.  In many instances, this will eclipse the future of what daily work, education, entertainment, and play will look like for all of us.  But I am certain of one thing…. we MUST have faith, focus on our well-being, keep moving forward, and a willingness to help others.


You might ask, how will we do this?  With that said, I am calling upon you to remember what has made us strong, as a people, and made the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) family, its friends, and colleaguesunique…being enthusiastic, providing steadfast support, and responding to the call over the years.  Let us all take action. Let’s remind those around us how much they matter. Encourage others to stay strong and resolute.


I urge you to continue to move forward as we chart our path through these challenging days.   Remember, there are things we can do to help:


  • Call a senior to check on their well-being
  • If shopping (do so under City/State and CDC guidelines), pick-up an item or two for a senior or someone in need (practice physical distancing).
  • Help with an online task.
  • Make a meal and drop it off (practice physical distancing).
  • Send an online order to someone in need.


As you are aware, many of our seniors and those with “underlying” health conditions have been extremely impacted and need our assistance now, and in the months ahead.  So, one of the ways BHERC will continue to help others and move forward is to provide 100 care packages to our seniors and those designated with “underlying” health conditions. And, we can all join in the fight by making just a quick phone call or sending a simple text message. Keeping each other positive and reminding our friends, neighbors, and loved ones that even in our isolation, we are not alone, we are in this together.


Lastly, I implore everyone to stay healthy and safe.  Please remember to take care of family and friends — but ALWAYS utilize health protocols!  Let’s continue the BHERC tradition of employing unwavering support, abundant generosity, and restorative caring that touches the mind, heart, body, and soul.  #BHERCStrongTogether!


“Every day that we have with one another is an opportunity to help one another be great, which everyone can be, but it’s so much better together.” –SEM


Peace and Blessings,

Sandra J. Evers-Manly



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