Cannes Film Festival finally accepts a Black Female Director in Competition

In the year 2019, it is mind blowing that we are still breaking glass ceilings. This year’s Cannes Film Festival turns 72 years old, and in all this time there has never been a black female director to screen a feature film in competition. However, this year that has come to an end because Mati Diop, a very talented 36-year-old filmmaker will be screening her feature film. Mati’s film is titled Atlantic and it is one of 21 films that will be competing this year. Of the 21 films, there will be three other women screening their films at the festival.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mati wasn’t even aware that she was the first black female director to screen at the festival until hearing about it in the News. Mati states, “What I represent doesn’t belong to me.” She stands on the shoulders of all of the talented black female director’s who have laid the foundation for her.

For more information visit The Hollywood Reporter’s Article on Mati Diop:

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