2018 Sotheby’s Prize for Regeneration: Black Cinema 1900-1970

Sotheby’s announces the winner of the 2018 Sotheby’s Prize, in its second year continues to celebrate curatorial excellence. Presented to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures ( opening in LA in the late 2019) the $250,000 award will support their exhibition, Regeneration: Black Cinema 1900-1970 which opens in Fall 2020. The first exhibition of its type, Regeneration will reveal the vital and unrecognized history of African American filmmakers in the development of American cinema. It will showcase African American representation in motion pictures from its start to beyond Civil Rights era. Regeneration is being classified as the first-ever major survey show about black filmmakers in the United States before New Hollywood. Curated by Doris Berger, the acting head of curatorial affairs at the Academy Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC., the show was put together in conjunction with an advisory panel that included filmmakers Charles Burnett and Ava DueVernay; Shola Lynch, a curator at the New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Center for Research in Black Culture; and Ron Magliozzi, a film curator at the Museum of Modern Art, among others.

Speaking about the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ exhibition, Co-creator of the Sotheby’s Prize & Chair of the Sotheby’s Prize Jury, and also Chairman and Executive Vice President of Sotheby’s Allan Schwartzman said: “In the US the last few years there has been an overdue re-examination of artists of African American descent, but no museum has really looked closely at this in the realms of popular culture. This exhibition looks at the popular culture of cinema through the eyes of the filmmakers and artists who grew up in that culture.” In addition to the main prize, a sum of $10,000 is also awarded to a number of institutions whose exhibitions and initiatives are judged by the jury panel to be inspiring and transformative.

For more info click link: https://blogs.sydneysbuzz.com/academy-museum-of-motion-pictures-wins-2018-sothebys-prize-for-regeneration-black-cinema-2652ae186b6d

After last Sunday Jordan Peele’s “Us” movie has reached $70 million mark, after it was estimated to only reach 25.4 million. The worry was that it would be lower than “Get Out” exit polls and a polarizing ending, that Us would fall further. However everyone was astonished. Fandango reports that Us is still No.1 in advance ticket sales for Sunday. “Simply put, Jordan Peele is a genius, and we’re thrilled he put his signature touch to the genre,” beamed Universal domestic distribution boss Jim Orr. “Folks come out of the movie and they have to talk about. It’s really a topic of conversation, how people are interpreting the movie. That’s a great sign for legs.” Their were several records spotted in the previous write-up, chiefly that Us reps a record opening for an original horror film. Us is the best opening for a live action original since James Cameron’s 2009 Avatar ($77M), thoughthe second best for an original piece of IP behind that mega-grossing epic.

Us drove total weekend ticket sales to $148.6M, plus 14% over a year ago. RelishMix noticed the divide over Us on social media. “Fans want to talk about the end of Us immediately after seeing it. This clip from Insider, which discusses the ending, posted on Friday, has over 629k views. To say the discussion is polarizing is accurate, in that some Jordan Peele /Get Out/ horror fans are singing the movie’s praises. Universal and Peele kept this movie under wraps for a while, stating that it was only a social horror film back when the pic was first announced. They kept this intrigue up as long as they could, down to the Rorschach teaser poster which Peele dropped on his social media, a moment that flooded Twitter with 176 million impressions. The first trailer hit on Christmas Day, collecting more than 106M global views. The next big high profile spot for Us aired during the Super Bowl pre-game which earned more than 64M total views.

For more info please click link: https://deadline.com/2019/03/us-jordan-peele-weekend-box-office-1202580617/

Former co-executive producer from the long-running ABC nighttime drama Grey’s Anatomy, a producer on House of Lies and writer on sudser Revenge, Karen Gist began writing for television on the comedy classic Girlfriends. Gist, is now running the show, overseeing the writing and entire production responsibilities at Star, the drama series about a girl group’s takeover of the Atlanta music scene. Gist is a graduate of Spellman College and Georgetown law School. Gist said, one thing she love most about what she does is having platform to use her “Big Black, gay voice” to tell stories that make people think. Gist has also been tapped to write the third sequel to Sister Act along with the Insecure writer Regina Hicks.

Shonda Rhimes first foray into television, Grey’s Anatomy, was originally a midseason replacement at ABC and not expected to do very well. The show beat the odds and became the cultural phenomenon doing much to increase the confidence of Hollywood that, Black women can make sprawling dramas with gripping storylines and characters that are universally relatable. Grey’s Anatomy has since become the longest-running medical drama in television history!

Janine Sherman Barrois had been a television writer and producer for highly acclaimed television classics such as ET, The Jamie Foxx Show, and Criminal Minds. Barrios came out of the Warner Bros. writing workshop and gears to have a production deal with that studio for the dark comedy show Claws. Others women showrunners are Courtney Kemp, Yvette Lee Bowser, Nkechi Okoro Carroll, Ayanna Floyd Davis, Tanya Hamilton, Dee Harris-Lawrence, Aida Mashaka Croal, Elle Johnson, and Tracy Oliver.

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Colleagues Ruth Carter and Hannah Beachler of “Black Panther” made history at the 91st Oscars: They were the first black people to win Oscars in their respective categories. Ruth Carter won for Best Costume Design and Hannah Beachler won for Best Production Design for their work on the hit Marvel film, they shared backstage after accepting their awards. “I dreamed of this night and I prayed for this night, not only for being a hard working costume designer, but what it would mean for people behind me,” Carter said in the Oscar press room. “We won’t have to wait for another first. We have the first.”

Hannah Beachler said that for her, taking this job wasn’t about her desire to work on “Black Panther” but about convincing Marvel that she would be right and worthy for the job. She offered some advice to any other young black girls who might have such aspirations.

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do this craft. You are worthy and you are beautiful, and this id for you,” Beachler said. The advice that changed everything the most was when I arrived in Oakland all those years ago, with Ryan Coogler, and he said, you know what, just be honest, be truthful, just be you.”

Beachler also said when she stepped on the first completed set for “Black Panther”the casino set, she kneeled down and cried never believing that she she would get to one day make something on the scale of a Marvel movie. “It’s a collaborative medium, ” Beachler said. “You lean on the people that you love. Your family. And I would consider Ryan and everyone else on “Black Panther” part of my family.”

For more info click link: https://www.thewrap.com/ruth-carter-and-hannah-beachler-reflect-on-being-first-black-winners-in-their-oscar-categories/

On last Sunday 7 black artists won Oscars, topping the previous record of five se two years ago. Mahershala Ali and Regina King won two supporting actor categories, for “If Beale Street Could Talk” and “Green Book”.

Writer-director Spike Lee earned his career first competitive Oscar for co-writing “BlackKklansman” – his co-writers include another African American winner, Kevin Willmott. Also, “Black Panther” costume designer Ruth Carter and production designer Hannah Beachler became the first black winners in their categories-as did Peter Ramsey, one of five winners for “Spiderman-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” as Best Animated Feature.

However in 2016 the record for black Oscar winners was when five black artists won: supporting actors Viola Davis for “Fences” and Mahershala Ali for Moonlight,” documentary feature director-producer Ezra Edelman for “O.J. made in America,” and screenwriters Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney for Moonlight.

There was a record-shattering list of 928 were invited to join the Academy last year-following 683 new members in 2016, and then a new record 774 members in 2017. It was the third year of concerted effort by the Academy to identify and invite more women and nonwhite members to join the organization.

For more info click link: https://www.thewrap.com/oscar-history-record-black-winners-spike-lee-regina-king/

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