Grownish on Freeform has partnered with Scholly to pay Student Loans

Freeform of the show Grownish has partnered, with Scholly to help college students and graduates. Many college students have been struggling to get out of college loan debt, but do to the outstanding debt they can’t pay their loans. Debt collectors only increase interest amounts as time adds on. However Freeform is helping students and graduates with a solution.

Scholly’s program will offer to pay up to $125,000 in college debt. All students would have to do is submitt their application, to Scholly’s website for possible selection if chosen. This gives student a chance to get assistance with releasing the burden of paying college loans. As we watch the second season of critically acclaimed TV show Grownish, let’s reflect on the challenges students and families; face while striving for education and pursing their dreams.

To apply for scholarship visit:

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