Reframe is fighting to break down barriers

Reframe wants barriers broken for on Film and TV. Toronto International Film Festival 2018, held thousands of festival-goers, filmmakers, and industry attendees took to the streets at the Share Her Journey Rally to call on the media industry to support better opportunities for women in film. This event, supported by ReFrame, Time’s Up, and #AfterMeToo, included speeches […]

The Voices Behind Creed II 

By: Nicole L. Thompson Published: November 7, 2018 6:49pm         The Voices Behind Creed II  Hollywood’s next big sequel is premiering in the next two weeks. On Thanksgiving Day Creed II is opening in theaters and it is truly something to look forward to. This film  is a sequel to Creed (2015) which […]

New Head Of “Inclusion Strategy” Hired by Netflix

By: Nicole L. Thompson Published: September 6, 2018 12:17 am     Inclusion Strategy  The slow wheels of change for more diversity and inclusion is finally turning. Leading the pack, Netflix has hired Vernā Myer to serve as their Vice President of Inclusion Strategy. Her role will include promoting cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout Netflix’s operations worldwide.  She […]


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