Support Black Film!

The Black Hollywood Education Resource Center encourages you to support black film. Here are some was in which you can join BHERC in participating in supporting Black film and Black filmmakers:

Attend Film Festivals and Showcases

For over 25 years the BHERC has held a variety of film festivals, showcases and events that highlight Black films and filmmakers. These events have helped shaped the career paths of many filmmakers and films in the industry today. The film festival and showcase circuit is where many films and filmmakers receive their start to become successful industry leaders. Check out BHERC’s Film Festivals and Showcases here.


Stream Films

You can now watch films anytime, anywhere with BHERC’s streaming service, BHERC TV! This service provides films from a wide variety of genres by independent filmmakers from across the globe. Film lovers can play, pause and resume watching all without commercials. A monthly or yearly membership is available and includes a free trial. You don’t want to miss seeing these powerful films. Join here today!


Be a First Weekend Club Movie SupporterĀ 

The first weekend performance of a film is the most crucial. The industry views the first weekend/week performance as the most crucial in deciding the success of a film. This can decide things such as how long a film is available to view, if a sequel is made, or even if this filmmaker will be given another deal. These are crucial elements to a film/filmmaker, and you can do your part by supporting a film in the first week of release. This even includes streaming services! BHERC provides options upcoming First Weekend Club Films that you can support on the home page of



Consider making a donation to BHERC, a non=profit 501(C)3 organization. Your donation allows BHERC to continue to provide scholarships, funding and resources to filmmakers. This support could possibly help propel the next filmmaker and film to success. Donate here today!

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