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Spike Lee is nominated for Best Picture of The Year

Legendary black movie director Spike Lee, is finally an Academy nominee for best picture and director. Lee has been making films for over 3 decades. His only nominations to date were (1989) “Do the right thing” and (1997) “4 little Girls” until now. The Academy has denied two of Lee’s best films in the past like “Malcolm X” and “25th Hour” with an Honorary Oscar in 2015.  Lee has always made films that represent black culture and history. Lee has also created multiple documentaries “Street Fight”, Michael Jordan to the Max” , “When we were Kings” and “Bad 25” for example. Lee is dedicated to his craft and passion for filmmaking. Generations will be forever be inspired to keep trying until you achieve your goals. 

Lee is the 6th black filmmaker to be Oscar-nominated for directing. Lee also is the 11th black writer to be nominated for best picture, and the first black writer to be nominated a second time for screenplay. There has never been a black filmmaker has ever won best director. Lee also has other nominations besides best picture of the year are, supporting actor, film editing, and original score for BlacKkKlansman. 

Spike Lee Is Finally an Oscar Nominee for Best Picture and Director

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