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The first black winners in their Oscar categories Ruth Carter and Hannah Beachler

Colleagues Ruth Carter and Hannah Beachler of “Black Panther” made history at the 91st Oscars: They were the first black people to win Oscars in their respective categories. Ruth Carter won for Best Costume Design and Hannah Beachler won for Best Production Design for their work on the hit Marvel film, they shared backstage after accepting their awards. “I dreamed of this night and I prayed for this night, not only for being a hard working costume designer, but what it would mean for people behind me,” Carter said in the Oscar press room. “We won’t have to wait for another first. We have the first.”

Hannah Beachler said that for her, taking this job wasn’t about her desire to work on “Black Panther” but about convincing Marvel that she would be right and worthy for the job. She offered some advice to any other young black girls who might have such aspirations. 

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do this craft. You are worthy and you are beautiful, and this id for you,” Beachler said. The advice that changed everything the most was when I arrived in Oakland all those years ago, with Ryan Coogler, and he said, you know what, just be honest, be truthful, just be you.”

Beachler also said when she stepped on the first completed set for “Black Panther”the casino set, she kneeled down and cried never believing that she she would get to one day make something on the scale of a Marvel movie. “It’s a collaborative medium, ” Beachler said. “You lean on the people that you love. Your family. And I would consider Ryan and everyone else on “Black Panther” part of my family.”

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