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Hayma Washington decided to step down as chairman and CEO of the Television Academy.

Hayma Washington is ready to be independent, and make a change in his career as he told Variety, “As I looked back at what we’ve accomplished, I couldn’t be prouder and it just felt for me as a professional and personally it was time to move on,” he says.

“I’m an independent producer and as you sit in that position, you really are limited in some of the things you can do with your agendas, and mine being exclusion and inclusion and diversity. I just felt that as an independent producer, if I could get back out into that arena, I could just be so much more effective in what was personally important to me.”

Hayma was the first African-American chair in the organization’s history, Washington was elected to the post in November 2016.

Washington admitted balancing work with demands of the Academy was difficult at times, because of his international projects going on location. “I have to be honest, whenever I considered what I was suited for, it always came to mind that I had to be mindful of my responsibility to the Academy as far as taking a job that would send me out of the country for long periods of time,” Washington said. 

Over the course of Washington’s two-year term, he oversaw a new eight-year contract with the four broadcast networks for the annual primetime Emmy Awards telecast.”

That gives me great confidence that I’m leaving the academy in good shape.” He calls the new wheel contract his proudest accomplishment. “As a producer, I’m very comfortable sitting in an environment of negotiation, but I have to compliment the networks for having the willingness to eventually agree that this was important for both sides,” he says.

When his term expires at the end of the year, Washington will return to producing full-time, citing several projects in the works at the networks. He was an executive producer for CBS’ “Amazing Race,” which earned him seven Emmy Awards, along with a Producers Guild award. He also has producing credits including the MTV Video Music Awards and the ESPYs.

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