Trailblazing African American Film Publicist Roz Stevenson Publishes Inspirational Book

(LOS ANGELES) – LOOK AT GOD! MY HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAITH is an inspirational memoir about the life and career of trailblazing African American film publicist, Roz Stevenson, became available in all formats on Tuesday, March 16 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart and everywhere books are sold. In the upcoming book, Stevenson shares her miraculous journey that spans four decades in the film industry, exploring everything from her initial struggles and failures at the bottom to her many triumphs and successes at the top. She contends when she had done all she could, God provided her with the perfect position, which led to her career as a groundbreaking publicist with her company launching more than a hundred successful movie campaigns.

LOOK AT GOD! MY HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAITH has been endorsed by such luminaries as Emmy® Award-winning and Academy Award® nominated filmmaker, Ava DuVernay; Academy Award nominated actor, Samuel L. Jackson and Tony Award® nominated actor, LaTanya Richardson Jackson; the 35th President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, Cheryl Boone Isaacs; as well as Academy Award nominated filmmaker, Lee Daniels.

“Writing this book had been a goal of mine since retiring ten years ago. But it took the pandemic’s stay-at-home order to allow me to focus and give my undivided attention to finishing this long-awaited project. Despite all the uncertainty and sadness we have experienced over the last year, I hope that my story can bring some much needed positivity, laughter and encouragement that with faith and determination, dreams really can come true. I hope others will also consider letting go and let God take the lead, allowing their lives and careers to reach their full potential,” Stevenson says proudly

Stevenson’s story begins in 1964 when she was in her teens and her family had an extraordinarily rare opportunity to attend the Oscars® the same year Sidney Poitier won Best Actor for Lilies of the Field. That magical evening changed her life forever. Five tickets had been given to her father, who had a janitorial business, by one of his valued clients Sam Brown, the executive director of the Motion Picture Academy.

After that unforgettable night, the wide-eyed teen was determined to find her place in Hollywood. Through laughter, tears, anger and inspiration, Stevenson takes us along her forty-year ride to find a purposeful career navigating life’s many trials along the way and eventually ending up triumphant.

Her story culminates with a full circle moment, forty years later, when Stevenson attended the Oscars in 2005, when Jamie Foxx won for Best Actor in Ray, a film her firm tirelessly promoted nationwide.  She beamed with pride, because the film had also won the Publicists Guild’s award for the best motion picture marketing campaign of the year.

Stevenson’s first chance to work in the film industry came in 1968 in the aftermath of Watts Riots. Much like the racial injustice we face today, a window of opportunity opened up for African Americans when President Lyndon Johnson created Anti-Poverty Programs for minorities throughout the country to create better opportunities. Stevenson discovered an acting workshop in her South-Central Los Angeles community, which gave her the chance to study the craft and work on films as an extra.

Once Stevenson got her foot in the studio door, she began to pursue a career as an actress, however; it didn’t take long for her to realize that was not her gift. She then tried her hand at working behind-the-scenes in TV production, which lasted longer, but also came to an unsatisfactory end. When she least expected it, a job in publicity fell into her lap and it was ultimately a perfect fit.

LOOK AT GOD! MY HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAITH also delves into Stevenson’s personal life. She shares the challenges she faced after her first marriage failed, her struggles as a single mother, her second marriage and juggling a husband, active children and a demanding career. She credits re-dedicating her life to Christ as the source of everything coming together — the perfect partner and the perfect career.

LOOK AT GOD! MY HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAITH is released by RS Publishing and distributed by Ingram-Spark and will be available everywhere books are sold. For further information go to:



Marissa Burton

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